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Premium Maintenance Service

To keep your Moxie Electric Scooter always ready for adventure, we recommend complementing your purchase with a MoxieCare package.

Periodic maintenance of your Moxie Electric Scooter not only helps increase its useful life but also ensures your safety while riding.

With MoxieCare, you can ship your scooter once a year to any of our Moxie Service Partners for servicing and replacement of parts not covered by the Moxie Warranty.

MoxieCare includes:

Hydraulic brake adjustment.
Hydraulic brake oil change.
Brake pad replacement.
Tire replacement.
Inner tube replacement.
Folding mechanism adjustment.
Kickstand replacement.
Cleaning and lubrication.

Considerations and exclusions:

You have the flexibility to purchase a MoxieCare package at any time.
MoxieCare can be utilized once annually as long as your subscription remains active.
Shipping the Moxie Electric Scooter to and from the Moxie Service Partner is the responsibility of the vehicle's owner.
MoxieCare only covers the specified parts. If you require a repair not included in the MoxieCare package and would like a service quote, please reach out to us at: service@moxiemicromobility.
If, upon receiving your Moxie Electric Scooter at our Service Partner's facility, we find that a repair not covered by the MoxieCare package is necessary, we will provide you with a quote and arrange payment.