Moxie Throttle With Display and USB M8 / M4
Moxie Throttle With Display and USB M8 / M4

Moxie Throttle With Display and USB M8 / M4

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The Moxie Throttle with Display and USB provides essential functions for optimal safety on electric scooters. Its features include a power button for scooter control, lights activation, and a USB port for convenient phone charging. The display showcases odometer and trip data, voltage information, and power level selection (ECO, MID, HIGH). Indicators feature speed, distance traveled, selected power mode, activated lights, and a battery meter for monitoring power levels. Designed with practicality in mind, Moxie's throttle with display and USB ensures a functional experience, emphasizing safety and user-friendly convenience.

Display functions
  • Power button / lights: Long press to turn on / off the scooter. While on, short press to turn on / off the lights.
  • Data display button: ODO | Trip | Voltage data display.
  • Power level button: switches between ECO | MID | HIGH power levels.

Display indicators
  • Speed indicator: displays actual speed information, in miles or metric.
  • Odometer / trip: display of total distance / single trip traveled.
  • Mode indicator: selected power mode (ECO, MID, HIGH).
  • Lights: while the signal is on, the front and rear LED lights are activated.
  • Battery meter: battery power level indication.

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