Specifications M4

Bigger and wider 12” x 3" inflatable pneumatic wheels

The 12” x 3” wheels of the Moxie M4 Urban Class electric scooter are optimal for an everyday commute thanks to its natural suspension that provides ultimate driving stability and stunning comfort.

Ergonomic grips lined with genuine Italian Alcantara

The Moxie grips are lined with genuine Italian Alcantara, a non-slip and flexible high-quality microfiber that is the upholstery of choice for the interiors of the most prestigious cars.

Ultra-silent 1400 W rear direct-drive motor

With the ability to develop a maximum speed of 48 km/h - 30 mph and climb up to 20 degrees incline without difficulty, the magnetic field induced by the direct-drive rear motor provides the M4 Urban Class electric scooter with enough power to generate vigorous acceleration.To accomplish certain legal regulations, the maximum speed can be limited to 25 km/h - 15.5 mph.

Elegant and distinctive carbon fiber handlebar

The Moxie M4 Urban Class ergodynamic shape handlebar uses a full carbon fiber construction, it features incredible damping properties which reduces hand fatigue and provides an exceptional ride quality.

A long-life and efficient 48 V 12.8 Ah LG Li-ion battery

The Moxie M4 Urban Class electric scooter features an efficient and long-life LG battery, built with the highest quality and most stable Li-ion cells, along with the most carefully crafted packaging to ensure a reliable degree of insulation.

Shake-free 10-microns tolerance Moxie Folding Mechanism

Our one of a kind, one-piece steering bar is designed with a 10-microns multi-teeth interlocking system with the tightest tolerance possible, no vibrations, and safety while driving on uneven surfaces.

Front and rear hydraulic four-piston disc brakes with enhanced cooling rotors

The Moxie M4 Urban Class electric scooter’s four-piston hydraulic brakes offer a bigger contact area on the pads and a more powerful and softer feeling when braking.

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